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What to Watch During Black History Month

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Courtland Towers Blog wishes you a wonderful month! To help you observe Black History Month, which takes place every February, we are sharing some of our favorite movies that honor noteworthy people throughout history. Spend an evening or two this month viewing one of these films in your Arlington, VA apartment! These stories may get you emotional, but they will also help you have a greater appreciation for the contributions of people of color to our society.

12 Years a Slave

Imagine what it would be like to be a free Black man in the pre-Civil War era, and then to be wrongfully sold into the slave trade of the South. 12 Years a Slave brings the story of Solomon Northup to life on the big screen as he makes his way from owner to owner, merely trying to survive as well as fight for his honor. When he meets an abolitionist after twelve years, his life changes forever.

Hidden Figures

During the Space Race of the 20th century, sending someone into orbit was nearly the most sought after achievement possible. This film adds further insight into the story of the first American to orbit the earth, and specifically the genius behind this feat, which came in the form of three gifted Black women. Before Hidden Figures, their efforts were largely unrecognized. This month, enjoy one of the most empowering films of the decade!

Malcolm X

How much do you know about the life and legacy of Malcolm X? This film serves as a tribute to one of the most famous — and controversial — Black rights activists fighting for liberation. This film details his time spent in prison during the ‘50s, his leadership in the Nation of Islam, and his assassination. X’s legacy will forever live on as a paragon of racial pride and self-determination.


At the close of World War II, two men return to a farm in small town Mississippi to work. In addition to being forced to adapt to post-war life, they also are deeply affected by the racism of the Jim Crow South. Find Mudbound on Netflix!


Which film will you watch this Black History Month? Let our community know by leaving a comment below!