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Things to Throw Out This Month

young man taking out garbage in black plastic bag

Welcome back to the Courtland Towers Blog! We’re excited to continue writing for residents of our apartment community in Arlington, VA. Today we’re focusing on items that you should throw out. Take inventory of your possessions this month as you decide what you need to clean out of your apartment.

Broken Items

Throw away items that are broken or that no longer work, such as pens, toys, and decorative items. Keeping them only keeps you at risk for injury, so let go and you’ll feel great!

Bottles and Prescriptions

Check your cupboards and get rid of all the empty or near-empty bottles cluttering up your valuable space. Take the time now to finish off the bottle and clean your bathroom to make use of the product before tossing it. Also, dispose of expired prescriptions.

Unused Entertainment

Whether you thought you would love that book or movie you bought or you simply no longer enjoy it, it’s probably taking up space and would do better elsewhere. Sell or donate books, movies, and CDs if you feel sad about it!

Old or Worn Out Clothes

Stay up on the trends without overcrowding your closet by going through your wardrobe and grabbing items you no longer love, wear, or fit into. Determine which clothing items are in good enough condition that you could sell to a local thrift shop or donate to a friend. Keep basics like white tees, jeans, and leather (or faux leather) jackets. They’re perfect for mixing up with accessories or prints.


Go paperless and opt into electronic bank statements and other important documents: It produces less waste and keeps the stacks of mail piling up on your counter to a minimum. Make a point now also to recycle magazines and paper you no longer need or use.

Multiple Items

Do you have any duplicate items in your kitchen, office, or bedroom? Do you really need (and regularly use) both? Pay attention to which item you tend to gravitate toward and get rid of the other to clear up extra space for items you really need.

Expired Items

Not only do medications expire, but things like food in your pantry and in your food storage do, too! Go through it this month and use anything that will expire soon and throw away everything with a “sell by” date that has past.