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Look on the Brightside Day

Woman holding up a smiley-face balloon.

December 21st is Look on the Brightside Day. In this post, the Courtland Towers Blog is helping you celebrate right here in Arlington, VA while at your apartment or while all around town. Look on the Brightside Day is all about seeing the sunny side of life. These tips are meant to help you look at life with a “half-glass-full” perspective. We hope that you’ll be able to see the good in every situation this month.

Get Some Sun

The short winter days make “looking on the bright side” a little bit more difficult. Consider buying a UV light or take advantage of the sun by spending a few minutes on your lunch break sitting outside. When you’re at home, open your windows more often or take a walk to get some sun and boost your mood as a consequence.

Have a Good Conversation

One of the easiest ways to observe Look on the Brightside Day is to have a good conversation with a friend, roommate, or someone else you care about. Having a meaningful conversation with someone you haven’t caught up with in a while will surely fill you with good vibes.


It can be easy to let your responsibilities overwhelm you, especially around the holidays. On Look on the Brightside Day, take a few hours for a well-deserved break from all your responsibilities. Take a day for yourself. Watch your favorite movies, go to your favorite cafe, order in from your favorite restaurant, or treat yourself on a shopping trip. Take some time to relax; it’s sure to make you feel much happier.

Laugh More

Go out to a comedy night here in Arlington, VA. Get together with friends for the night to swap stories and tell jokes. Watch an online version of one of your favorite comedian’s funniest routines. Watch a movie that really gets you rip-roaring. There are plenty of ways to get a few more laughs in and brighten your mood.

How will you celebrate Look on the Brightside day? Let our apartment community know in the comments below! Thanks for reading!