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How to Give Thoughtful Gifts this Holiday Season

A person carrying a gift in outstretched hands toward a holiday tree.

Welcome to the Courtland Tower Blog! Since the holidays are finally here, we’re guessing that you’re now in full gift-buying mode. It’s relatively simple to buy gifts for acquaintances, as you can get them any old box of chocolates or generic gift basket without thinking twice — it’s much harder to find the perfect present for someone you’re really close to. This holiday season, we’re bringing you a few simple suggestions to help you become a more thoughtful gift giver. Try some of these ideas out this month!

Plan Ahead of Time

You can’t always expect to take just one trip to the store and have the perfect gift fall right into your lap. Start setting aside some time right now for simply brainstorming and thinking about the right gift for everyone on your list. Chances are, the gift you end up choosing won’t come to your mind right away, but the sooner you start the more personal and thought out your gift will be.

Personalize It

Putting in the effort so that a gift is personalized to its recipient is a sure way to make it feel more meaningful. If you like, you can get them a gift that is literally personalized, like this personal embosser for the book lover or chef who likes to label their own things. Or, you can craft something by hand that is made with them in mind from the very start. Think of an article of clothing that may come in handy for the winter and crochet or knit it for them; use your artistic ability to create a piece of art inspired by your relationship to them; make them a home decor item you know will go perfectly in a specific spot in their house. Or, if you have heard them mention something they have wanted for a long time, get it for them and add a personalized holiday card to go with it.

Know that Cost Isn’t Everything

All too often, we get this idea that when the gift we give costs more, it will prove to our loved ones that we care about them more. However, cost isn’t usually indicative of the time we spend preparing a gift for someone. If anything, buying expensive gifts places the attention back on ourselves as it just highlights our ability to afford something pricey or flashy. Instead of spending more money, spend some extra time preparing or choosing a gift.

What are your suggestions for gift giving? Share your ideas with the rest of our Arlington, VA apartment community here by leaving a comment below. Good luck, have fun, and most importantly, Happy Holidays!