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First Apartment Tips According to Redditors

a couple in a new apartment with one person sitting in an empty cardboard box

Looking for your first apartment? Maybe you just moved in. Whatever your situation is, we think that the tips in today’s post will be beneficial for you. We’re writing about first apartment tips.

If you’re new to Courtland Towers and are considering taking a tour of one of our available apartment homes, we’re excited to introduce you to our community. We hope the following tips will inspire you as you begin a new adventure here in Arlington, VA.

Top “first apartment” tips according to Reddit

  • Take your time looking at the place. Don’t feel rushed.
  • If you’re seriously considering a place, make note of anything that is damaged in the apartment. Take pictures and document, document, document!
  • Get a plunger before you need one.
  • Introduce yourself to the neighbors.
  • Dish soap is not a replacement for dishwasher soap. If you did use dish soap in your dishwasher, use cold water to clean it up; hot water makes the problem worse.
  • Have a box or bag with toilet paper, a hand towel, some soap, some plastic cups, and paper towels in it at the ready. It should be the first thing you put in the apartment and unpacked immediately. During the move, you'll eventually need to use the bathroom or drink water. Now you can.
  • Add a four pack of 60W light bulbs, a cheap Walmart floor lamp, a plunger and a yellow sponge with the green abrasive pad on one side. Pack a shower curtain if there's not already one and cleaning products such as Lysol, Drain-O, Pledge, and Windex.
  • Buy a coffee maker or kettle and stop spending money every day on coffee or tea.
  • Find out what’s within walking distance.
  • Always have at least a month’s worth of the cost of rent in savings — ideally more. At least have the security of being able to afford rent even if you lost your job tomorrow.