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Essential Items to Pack for Any Trip

a map, pair of shoes, sunglasses, camera, phone, compass and hat bunched together

At Courtland Towers located in Arlington, VA, we’re all about preparation — especially if you’re planning to leave on a trip any time soon. In order to take one thing off your plate before you go, we’ve compiled a list of all the essentials you’ll need for travel. If you’re flying the friendly skies, packing a well-stocked carry-on can be one of the best ways to prepare! We found some tips from Simply Taralynn, who gives some great advice for packing: what to bring and what to leave behind. For those who are driving to their destination, this list of 50 Essentials To Survive A Road Trip will come in handy! The first four items on the list are:

1. Music/Playlist: “Your mood is likely to change quicker than you think, especially when you get into unlucky situations. So before you even put [your key] in the ignition, ensure that you have at least 30 playlists for the trip. This is also an opportunity to learn the names of new artists. Don’t forget your headphones!”

2. First Aid Kit: “Whether you accidentally cut yourself while gathering wood for a campfire or you have just eaten a wrong snack on the road, first aid kit will come in handy than you think.”

3. Camera: “You will need to take some photos to remember the trip and memorize that delighted look on your face when you reached your favorite destination (Great gift idea! See Amazon’s Most Wished For List).”

4. Snacks/Food: “Your wallets will get empty sooner than you think when you are constantly eating out. Though eating at different restaurants is often one of the most exciting parts of a road trip, you can always do your wallet and health a favor by carrying your own snacks/food.”

Thanks for reading! We hope you have a great trip away from your apartment in the coming weeks and months.