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Environmentally Friendly Ways to Save Money

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Have you ever thought about how you can be more environmentally friendly in your everyday life? It turns out, some of the most simple ways to do it will not only help preserve our wonderful planet, but they will also save you a few bucks along the way. Our post on Courtland Towers Blog this week is dedicated to providing you with four reasonable ways for you to practice greener habits near your Arlington, VA apartment. We invite you to choose one of the following actions and implement it into your routine this year!

Borrow More

By borrow, we’re primarily referring to things like books and movies you can find at the library or from a friend instead of buying your own copies. While it’s fun to have a well-curated library of books and other media that is your very own, we suggest you always start by borrowing from the public library before choosing to purchase.


You’ll save money when you stop buying books you don’t know if you’ll like, and you’ll use less paper while you do it. This principle also works for major outdoor appliances or other non-daily items as well. If you don’t need it all the time, share these items with a neighbor, too!

Drive Less

While you may have heard this time and time again, we can’t stress enough how beneficial it is for the environment to drive less and to use alternative forms of transportation. We know that many people rely on their cars to get to the important destinations in their lives, of course, so we aren’t suggesting you do something rash and give up using your car altogether unless you truly believe it will be the right choice for you.


We are, however, suggesting you make the conscious decision to use your car a few times less each week and to take public transportation, walk, or bike instead. You’ll save on gas, and your local air quality will be cleaner!

Buy Second Hand

When it comes to things like clothing, buying second hand is a great way to help out the planet. Clothing from a thrift store will cost you less. At the same time, you’re choosing to purchase something that has already been worn, which means that article of clothing didn’t have to be manufactured a second time in order for you to enjoy it. This may seem small, but on a large scale, buying second hand will help us reduce the unnecessary excess of energy used to make new clothes.


What do you do to simultaneously save money and the planet? Let us know in the comments below!